All about testosterone, the main hormone in men The norm of testosterone How to stimulate production couch does

All about testosterone – the main hormone in men | Testosterone rate | How to stimulate production

The first sign that a man has problems with testosterone production is when he lies down on the couch and does not want to do anything..

If a man lies down on the sofa

Cops pulled him over for speeding. They found a gun, a bottle of vodka and steroids.

The first sign of a decrease in testosterone levels, as a rule, is that a man lies down on the couch and does not want to do anything. Testosterone is always activity: mental, physical, sexual!

A more serious signal is weight gain, in particular female fat deposition. It is officially established that a man’s waist should not exceed 92-94 cm. This indicator is directly related to testosterone levels. After all, visceral and abdominal fat produce the hormone leptin – one of the main enemies of testosterone. Normal testosterone levels prevent weight gain, as it promotes its conversion into energy in the muscles, so any physical activity should be a faithful companion of a man.

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Testosterone is the keeper of everything in the male body. Thanks to him, the musculoskeletal system maintains its health. Through testosterone, calcium is absorbed by the bone tissue. In women, estrogen performs this function.

How to control testosterone levels?

Blood for testosterone should be taken on an empty stomach and in the morning. In the early hours, testosterone is maximized. A blood sample is taken for total testosterone and sex hormone-binding globulin. They always work in pairs. Only a urologist can decipher these indicators, because sometimes testosterone in the body may not be in the active phase best prohormone for women, no matter how much it is, and not have its effectiveness.

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All about testosterone, the main hormone in men The norm of testosterone How to stimulate production nmol liter

Normal testosterone levels are 12-35 nmol / liter. The peak of its production falls on 25-30 years. From the age of 30 in all men, testosterone levels begin to decline by 1-2% annually.

It has been proven that if at 25 years of age the testosterone level was 35 nmol / liter, then in the normal course of life, a man will have enough of this supply for his entire life, and this physiological drop will not greatly affect his activity and male strength. But if at 25 years old a man had indicators in the region of 12 nmol / liter, it is worth keeping your lifestyle and health under control.

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If the indicator at a young age is below buy halotestin online 12 nmol / liter, this is regarded as a defect and is called hypogonadism..

Unfortunately, the statistics are such that today the male factor of infertility begins to outstrip the female.

Everything is in balance in nature, and there are many factors that increase testosterone levels, from food to hobbies..

American scientists have found that a quarrel with a wife when a man is right increases testosterone levels by 35%, and subsequent reconciliatory sex adds another 45%.

The Sledgehammer Approach to TRT – The Men’s Health Clinic

But the leader in the stable increase in testosterone and its retention at high figures of 50-55% is the purchase of a car and spare parts for it, the purchase of gadgets and sports. Each gender has its own joys.

Well, the most win-win factor that increases testosterone is to demonstrate the dignity of a woman, and so that she appreciates all this masculinity..

Dear ladies and mothers, men’s happiness is in your hands! Praise and appreciate men. A man does everything in this life for alpha pharma test cyp the sake of a woman, so mutual care for each other will reward you with joint health, harmony and well-being.


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