Masteron - reviews, side effects, description Buy Masteron for a course at a low price this drug

Masteron – reviews, side effects, descriptions | Buy Masteron for a course at a low price

Masteron steroid preparation in PharmacomLabs online store at a nice price. Description, side effects, recommendations for taking in the course and other useful information about Drostanolone enanthate and propionate

Masteron or Drostanolone, available as enanthate esters and

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propionate, is an anabolic steroid derived from

dihydrotestosterone. He is also known to the general public under

trademarks Permastril, Metormon, Drolban and others.

Steroid profile: Chemical name: 2a-methyl-androstan-3-one-17b-ol

Formula: C23H36O3

Molecular Weight: 360.5356

Anabolic activity: 62% of testosterone

Androgenic activity: 25% of testosterone

Susceptibility to aromatization: no

Hepatotoxicity: no

Method of administration: injection

Recommended dosage: 300-600 mg / week

Detection time: up to 3 months

Chemical and pharmacological properties

Masteron has been used medicinally to treat female breast cancer, but in

connection with the risk of virilization (the appearance of masculine features), its use

stopped. He is also popular with athletes in

bodybuilding, in order to maintain muscle mass and maintain strength during

drying time.

The drug is produced in ampoules by

50 and 100 ml. Its availability is very low, even on the black markets of Canada.

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Masteron’s description

instructions indicate that this drug in the body is not

turns into estrogens (does not aromatize), but on the contrary, is

an aromatase blocker (inhibitor). This fact makes him

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an attractive steroid for strength athletes.


used solo, has a weak diuretic effect and does not

promotes fluid retention – this helps build muscle

harder and denser, increase the relief. It helps to preserve

body mass, burns the fat part, and at the same time, increases strength


Masteron - reviews, side effects, description Buy Masteron for a course at a low price activity testosterone

Masteron is no less effective in combination with diets for

weight loss, due to the possibility of suppressing catabolism and preserving

muscle mass. Due to these properties, the drug sustanon 350 for sale is used

popular in powerlifting.

Ways to use Masteron

Masteron is designed for 6-10 weeks. Desired effect of the drug

occurs when using from 400-500 mg per week. Given his

properties, you need to enter it every other day (or 3 times a week).

Reviews of athletes recommend combining Masteron with other drugs:


the need to increase muscle mass, Masteron (Drostanolone)

it is recommended to combine with testosterone propionate, but in this case

the ability to produce its own testosterone decreases. therefore

long courses of taking the drug must be combined with


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Drying Masteron is combined with Oxandrolone or Winstrol.

Risk zone of Masteron


the drug has a low anadolytic index. Thanks to this, he

effectively burns fat, but at the same time increases the risks of side effects

effects. Side effects of Masteron include enhanced androgenic


Dysfunction of the scalp: alopecia, acne and acne;

Hypertrophy of the prostate;

Increased aggression;

Virilization in women.


unlike other anabolic drugs, Masteron does not cause

fluid retention, has a weak toxic effect on the liver, and does not

helps to raise blood pressure. Therefore, contraindications to

there are practically no applications.

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Reviews about Masteron For novice athletes who have never heard of Masteron before, the practical experience of athletes about this drug will be useful. Many practicing bodybuilders regularly exchange testosterone cypionate vs enanthate their opinions about this or that drug on forums and various kinds of information platforms about anabolic steroids and other drugs in the world of sports pharmacology. One of these forums is Here you can get reliable first-hand information about the drug, its properties, side effects on the body. Do not forget that the experience of using Masteron by living people is the most valuable and worth listening to

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