Whether to take steroids consequences, harm and side effects side effects

Whether to take steroids: consequences, harm and side effects

Are you thinking about taking steroids? Read this article first. You will learn the consequences, harms and side effects of taking steroid drugs.

Are there safe steroids? This question worries many people involved in sports. Before giving an answer to it, let’s find out what steroids are. In medicine, this term refers to a class of drugs with high biological activity and used to treat various diseases. Steroids are used to preserve male sex characteristics in patients who have undergone testicular surgery; adolescents suffering from dysfunction of the pituitary gland; persons after severe operations and oncological diseases that caused a significant loss of muscle tissue. These drugs are also used to:

improve reproductive function,

activation of metabolism,

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improve the functioning of the immune system,

stimulation of bone formation,

treatment of inflammatory and other diseases,

gaining muscle mass (unfortunately, professional bodybuilding without steroids is now simply impossible).

Anabolic steroid

The term “anabolic” refers to agents that induce tissue growth. “Anabolism” refers specifically to the growth of tissues, including muscle tissue. Anabolic steroids (full name – anabolic androgenic steroids) are a class of synthetic drugs that mimic the effects of the hormone testosterone. Testosterone is made in the body from cholesterol. It, like other steroid hormones, affects tissues. Testosterone enters the cell and binds to a receptor that travels through the cell nucleus, activating protein synthesis. Increased protein synthesis leads to tissue growth, faster recovery of the body, and faster recovery from illness and injury. In medicine, steroids are used under the close supervision of doctors in dosages that approximate the natural synthesis of hormones in the human body. In this case, one steroid is used during treatment. On steroid courses, athletes usually take megadoses, sometimes tens or even hundreds of times higher than the medical dosage. In addition, they often use several drugs at the same time. Most steroid users (especially beginners) receive instructions for use from vendors or friends, often without asking questions about drug side effects or correct dosages. Many steroids available on the black market are of dubious quality and often contain only small amounts of the active substance. In some of them, only water and dye were found, or just peanut butter. Read also: How to choose the best sports nutrition – a scientific approach

Side effects of steroids

Steroids have many side effects. They can even contribute to the development of cancer. However, a large number of people ignore the information about side effects, believing that only the abuse of steroids causes side effects. But this is not the case. Any drug that changes the homeostasis (self-regulation) of the body can lead to undesirable consequences. Let’s take a look at how steroids can affect each individual body part..


Studies have shown a relationship between high testosterone levels and aggressive behavior, which is the frequent violent behavior of steroid users. Often times steroids or the mention of them are the catalyst for aggressive behavior. People on high dosages of drugs suffer from psychotic syndromes and high levels of anxiety. Other mental side effects include sleep disturbance, feelings of euphoria, high levels of paranoia, depression of various stages, etc. Some patients suffer from mood swings and personality changes. Many athletes become addicted to steroids.


Steroid use leads to water retention in the body. This causes swelling, the person has a rounded face and swelling of the cheeks. Women may experience side effects such as bad breath, facial hair growth, and a hoarse and rough voice. Steroids also negatively affect the skin of the face and body, causing acne (acne).

Anabolic Aging – How to Increase – Testosterone Booster


Long-term use of steroids can be harmful to the eyes. Cases of development of eye infections, cataracts and glaucoma are known.


Male pattern baldness is common for both men and women. This is due to the transformation of excess testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT), leading to the degradation of hair follicles, which begin to produce very fine hair. With prolonged use of steroids, the follicles generally die off. As a result, baldness occurs..


Cardiovascular disease is one of the most serious side effects of steroids. However, drug users tend to ignore deteriorating health conditions. This leads to very serious consequences. Steroid use increases total blood cholesterol levels. Cholesterol builds up in the walls of blood vessels, increasing the risk of stroke. In addition, steroids have been shown to increase bad cholesterol and lower good cholesterol. It is also possible to raise blood pressure and form blood clots, which disrupt blood flow and damage the heart muscle, leading to heart attack..

Anavar Effects on the Liver, Thyroid, Cardio and Health – ProsBodyBuilding.com


During the use of steroids, stomach problems can occur, namely, a feeling of bloating and nausea, sometimes causing vomiting of blood. In users of steroid drugs, the production of stomach acids increases, the amount of stomach mucus decreases and the stomach wall becomes irritated.

Whether to take steroids consequences, harm and side effects immune system


The kidneys are responsible for cleaning the blood from “debris” and regulating the water-salt balance. Another important function of the kidneys is blood pressure regulation. High pressure can also cause thickening of the walls and narrowing of blood vessels, which leads to a decrease in blood supply to the kidneys and impairs their filtration function. Kidney problems usually occur with oral steroid use, with suppression of clotting factors and prolonged bleeding after injury. This paired organ experiences increased stress while taking steroid tablets, as it has to filter the blood more thoroughly. People who take steroids usually consume higher doses of protein, several times the norm. When combined with heavy strength training, this can lead to kidney stones. Kidney stones block the urinary tract and cause urinary problems.


The liver is the largest organ in the body and is used to detoxify the blood and store certain nutrients, such as vitamins and minerals. In addition, the liver plays an important role in the buy steriods with credit card regulation of protein, cholesterol, and sugar levels. It produces bile, which helps to digest food. It has been proven that the use of steroids can cause irreversible damage to the liver and even malignant tumors of this organ. Oral steroid medications impair the liver’s metabolic function by decreasing its ability to filter waste. Some fake steroids contain viruses and bacteria that impair organ function. If the liver begins to filter the blood poorly, hepatocellular jaundice, a yellowing of the skin and eyes, may occur..


Breast enlargement (gynecomastia) is a very common side effect of long courses of steroids or high doses of drugs. With gynecomastia, an overgrowth of breast tissue occurs, which manifests itself in the form of bumps under the nipples. Usually, the pathology is eliminated with surgery. In women, the opposite effect is observed – the breasts can decrease in size. This photo shows a man with gynecomastia..


Steroid use by adolescents and men under the age of 25 who have not yet completed their growth can lead to stunted growth due to premature closure of the epiphyseal plates (also known as “growth zones”). Another possible side effect of steroids is bone pain.

Muscles and tendons

Steroid users may feel stronger than they actually are. They try to lift excessively large weights, which leads to muscle damage. In addition, muscles gain strength faster than tendons. This buy steroids with debit card online increases the risk of breaking the latter.


Steroids can negatively affect pores and make your skin rough. Another side effect is oily skin with red spots and acne on the face and back. Stretch marks occur due to rapid muscle growth and / or thinning of the skin. As mentioned above, steroids are bad for the liver, causing jaundice, which in turn leads to yellowing of the skin and eyes..

The immune system

Steroids can disrupt the immune system. The negative effects are especially visible after the end of the drug intake..


Edema is the accumulation of fluid in the organs and extracellular spaces of the body. The most common side effect is swollen fingers and ankles..


The prostate gland is a male organ located just below the bladder. The main function of the prostate is to produce prostate fluid, a component of semen that improves sperm activity. Steroids are known to cause enlargement of the prostate gland. Because the prostate surrounds the bladder, changing its size can interfere with urination. In addition, overgrowth of the gland can adversely affect sexual function. Also, steroid drugs can cause a decrease in the number of sperm in semen or an increase in the percentage of abnormal male germ cells..

Blood poisoning

Some people use non-sterile syringes to inject steroids. This can cause blood poisoning and various infectious diseases. The injection site sometimes swells. Abscesses occur that require painful medical intervention.


Due to the use of steroids, the testes begin to produce less hormones. After stopping the course, it takes some time for the pituitary gland to start sending a signal to the testes again to resume the production of endogenous (own) testosterone in normal amounts. In the case of the use of large dosages or with prolonged use of steroids, the testes may completely stop producing hormones or even atrophy. As a result, it takes a long time to restore their function. Impotence occurs after the termination of the course, and prolonged use of drugs worsens erection. See also: About the dangers of protein – debunking 4 main myths

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Steroids for women – side effects

Many women use anabolic steroids to improve performance, muscle growth and strength. Most of the side effects of steroids in the fair sex are buy halotestin online identical to those in men. But there are additional ones: facial hair growth, male pattern baldness, coarsening of the voice, breast reduction and infertility. Also, anabolic steroids for women can cause menstrual irregularities and an increase in the clitoris..

Thus, steroid use suppresses the body’s natural hormone production. The body tries to restore its normal hormonal levels, however, a violation or increase in the amount of natural hormones leads to various physiological and mental disorders. Some people suffer from severe health problems due to steroids, while others experience minimal side effects. But in the end, all steroid users have serious side effects..

We will give advice to those who take steroids or plan to do so to improve their appearance, satisfy their ego, or make it easier to achieve sports goals. Stay away from steroids. With short-term use, minor side effects occur, but the positive effect is not impressive either. People want more by continuing to take their drugs and increasing their dosages. And this is already very dangerous to health..


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